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What is Grief Massage℠: 7 Years Later PART 2

This 6 part blog series is based on an article I wrote in 2017 titled “What is Grief Massage: 7 Years Later” to reflect on the 7 year anniversary of Find Part 1 here. This post, Part 2, reflects on feeling empowered to write about my vision and experiences. For me, writing was an important way to put this calling into words.

As you read, I encourage you to reflect on the gifts and natural talents that are a part of who you are - the gifts that you can tap into as you learn to express your calling in the world. For me, writing was that tool. Your gift may be something different. -AJT

Writing about Grief Massage
Although speaking about Grief Massage was a challenge for me during those early years, I found that writing about Grief Massage flowed much more easily.

When I wrote about Grief Massage, especially when I asserted this work as a “real thing” by capitalizing the “G” in Grief and the “M” in Massage (which was done very intentionally), I was able to express my vision and calling much more freely.

For me, writing has always been a natural gift (one I am deeply grateful for).

So, I quickly discovered that writing about Grief Massage was an important way for me to start spreading the idea and the vision behind my work.

It’s hard to believe that it’s now been nearly seven years since I boldly put my vision for Grief Massage out into the world by registering my website ( and beginning to write about it.

Seven Years Ago

Back in June 2010, it was my birthday and my partner surprised me with one of the new, tiny laptop computers that were popular at the time.

I was simply thrilled with the idea of taking my laptop with me everywhere, of having the opportunity to use my spare time (no matter where I was) to log on to the internet and start writing and sharing my vision. That birthday gift was an important tool.

Once I registered my domain and set up my first version of this website (, I soon began using my downtime between massage clients to write about Grief Massage.

And before long, I felt emboldened to put myself out there even more.

That same summer, I went to a local car parts store and purchased one of the customizable license plate frames that allow you to create your own message. I created a license plate frame to advertise my website (hoping that people were interested would visit me online where I could share information about Grief Massage).

When I was driving around Charlotte, it felt both embarrassing (vulnerable) and mission-centered to know that I was sharing this idea – the words “Grief Massage”—with the world. Everyone who found themselves stopped behind my car at a red light was exposed to the idea that grief and massage therapy belonged in the same sentence.

I started hearing from people who were interested in my website - and in Grief Massage - almost immediately.

And I wasn’t just hearing from people in my local community. I remember that one of the first emails I received via this website came from someone in another part of the world.

It was amazing to realize that my words could reach so far. Grief Massage was becoming a“real thing” – it simply required me to keep writing, keep sharing, and keep putting myself (and my story) out there.

Read more about my journey in Part 3.

Aimee Taylor
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