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About The Institute for Grief Massage Inc: Grief Massage Therapy Training

We create grief-focused trainings for massage therapists. Our original course, “The Joy of Grief Massage” is the first of its kind in the field. Grief massage therapy continuing education is available in-person and by live webinar.

The Institute for Grief Massage Inc. was created to serve massage therapists who feel called to work with grieving clients. Photo by  Stefan Steinbauer  on  Unsplash

The Institute for Grief Massage Inc. was created to serve massage therapists who feel called to work with grieving clients. Photo by Stefan Steinbauer on Unsplash

Grieving healers, healing grievers, and mission-driven massage therapists. I built this place for you.

You feel called to, or at least curious about, the path of grief and massage therapy. You see the imperfection and impermanence of of every day life - how in an instant, everything can be lost.

Everything can change. You don’t turn away from the so-called darker aspects of being human: grief, suffering and loss. Or…you want to learn how to not turn away.

You can’t — won’t — pretend that grief, suffering and loss don’t exist. You know too much to do that. You have been initiated in some way.

You’ve lived through a loss. Or, you’ve watched someone dear to you as they grieve. Or, perhaps you’ve witnessed grief from further away.

But somehow, you got a sense of how helpless this experience can feel. How important safe places and touchstones can be. How restorative it can be when a gentle touch and nonjudgmental compassion meet grief.

Encountering death, loss and grief isn’t simple.

Being human isn’t simple. This path I am offering isn’t simple. Rather, it tugs at the very roots of what it means to be who we are. Like death, like loss, this path challenges us and has the potential to bring us to our knees.

But you weren’t expecting simple.

And so, I deeply honor you for being here.

Whatever you brought you here to this place I’ve built, The Institute for Grief Massage Inc, I honor your journey. You are welcome to read, listen and learn. Run everything I say through your own system: gut check it, use your discernment, be intuitive. And, know that you are in a safe place.

Get to know me & my Grief Massage philosophy + approach through the blog, podcast and (coming soon) Youtube channel. I post on weekdays on social media and I’d love to be connected with you.

You are welcome to learn from me and learn with me.

I love teaching the basics of the Grief Massage philosophy + approach to massage therapists who feel called to do this work. Explore the beginner-friendly class “The Joy of Grief Massage” (1st of its kind in our field) when you feel ready to step into working with grieving clients.

It’s important to me that you feel honored and empowered, so I seriously limit in-person/Zoom class sizes & I crafted the fully online class version to feel cozy, warm and personal.

I’m also building a library of online supplemental courses to support you. There are 2 tracks: Education & Spirituality.

The Education track will feature grief-oriented classes on topics like disenfranchised grief, the effects of bereavement on the body, ethics when working with grieving clients, and more. I also plan to create comprehensive follow-up courses for alumni of The Joy of Grief Massage and I envision the Education track curriculum reaching 200 total hours by 2023.

I hope to partner with an overseeing board or organization to one day offer a professional Grief Massage Certification to those who complete all additional of the 200 hours of Education track courses.

The Spirituality track will feature courses on topics like connecting with your calling, mindfulness, using crystals and energy work modalities like Reiki for self-care, and connecting with archetypal symbols and energies like the Black Madonna, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and the Ouroboros (featured in our logo). Spirituality has been a foundational element as I created the Grief Massage philosophy + approach, crafted this Institute and cleared this path.

So, I honor all belief systems and in no way require students to be spiritual or religious in any way. And, I feel it is important to be transparent about the importance of spirituality in my own journey and to offer information to those who want to learn more.

The spiritual aspect of this path, for me, explains so much.

I believe I was meant to offer these teachings in this lifetime, although I never consciously expected to walk this path of honoring and holding space for loss. In fact, I grew up in a family where grief was not honored. But my soul always knew the story of my calling in life.

And when, at the age 24, I suffered the sudden, traumatic death of my brother Chris (the person I loved and trusted the most in the world), my soul began to take center stage and guide me. I was initiated onto this path.

Developing the Grief Massage philosophy + approach did not happen overnight - through an organic process of benefiting from massage while grieving, working with grievers in my community, suffering the sudden, traumatic death of my mother several years after losing my brother, and being guided to important opportunities, this work and this path unfolded. It is my honor to share it with you.

-Aimee Joy Taylor, Founder of The Institute for Grief Massage Inc.

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