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I love the concept of seva, the Sanskrit word for compassionate actions offered to one’s community, free from expectations of reward or reimbursement.


Seva Sessions for Grieving Clients

Summer 2019 Applications Are Open

Creating the Grief Massage℠ philosophy + approach & building this Institute for Grief Massage Inc℠ has deeply fed and nourished my own soul.

Giving Back

Giving back to the community has always been a vital part of my path. In 2008, when first starting to develop the Grief Massage philosophy + approach, I offered free sessions to grieving people in Charlotte.

Years later, in 2012-2014, I was honored to partner with The Massage Therapy Foundation and a local non-profit in 2 Community Service Grant Projects. That opportunity to offer free massage to grieving community members in need - on a large scale - forever impacted me and my vision.

My Work Today

Today, while I direct much of my energy and time toward teaching and training other massage therapists (and writing/creating courses about grief and massage therapy), it is important to me that I keep giving back to my community.

So, in 2019, I have incorporated the concept of seva into my work by offering a free series (3 massage sessions) to one grieving client each season.

How to Apply

To apply for this opportunity please email I will provide information about the Grief Massage philosophy + approach and to have a short phone consultation with potential clients to answer questions they may have.


Please note that the sessions will be offered on Thursday mornings in the Summer of 2019.

This opportunity will be offered to one client per season who has suffered a loss of any kind in the past year and is healthy enough to receive gentle massage. Please contact me for more details and to apply at

One series of seva sessions (no charge to the client) will be available for each season. One client will be accepted for each season.

Photo by Dani Costelo on Unsplash

Aimee Joy Taylor is a North Carolina licensed massage and bodywork therapist, NC LMBT # 7632.

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